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Back to the market we grow...

Who would have known that I who never seemed to have any patience for baking in my early years, would be so passionate about it that I would balance life, a full-time job, a part-time job, and my side business hobby: creating and baking treats that bring happiness and joy to so many. More on that maybe later...but for now: we are proud and so happy to say that we are back at the London Covent Garden Market this year.

Thanks to so many of you who supported us through our Thursday debut at the Outdoor Farmers Market last year, this year we are back except on Saturday mornings. As I write this, already had two market days with more weeks to look forward to this season. Each Saturday we will have the staple Turkish Coffee and freshly brewed Chai along with a specially selected treat to keep it fresh and something to look forward to.

While Saturdays we will feature one sweet treat at a time, we are happy to take preorders and have them ready for you to pick up at the market.

Special weekends to look out for special treats:

  • Mother's Day Weekend

  • Victoria Weekend

  • Fathers Day Weekend

  • Canada Day Weekend

  • Civic Holiday

  • Labour Day - Back to School

Look forward to seeing you at the market.

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