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This is a story of times, places, and people. A time where simpler things were the highlight of the day.

It was a happy time. A sweet time. A magical time that would be my nostalgia.

 I was born in Tehran, Iran, and enjoyed a happy childhood loving all that my Persian culture had to offer. Until the time we left Iran and traveled to Turkey and later India, where I would develop from a child into a teenager.  After decades, now thinking back it was like watching a movie where screens would change frame by frame. Each experience I lived and loved to be cherished in the future is now my current present - my Nostalgic time. 

After we immigrated to Canada, where I would call my permanent home, my exotic experiences took a rest, and my life shaped into a more normal life - or was it? LOL.  Well, as normal as I knew it could be. But what is normal anyway? 

Years later, after many more experiences some good and some lessons to be learned from, as a single mom, found myself thinking back to a time where life was simple and happiness was in the little pleasures of the cultures I lived. Tastes and feelings sensed. Happiness felt.  I was actively searching for what I thought I should be doing which was looking for a job that I was schooled for, but I was not having much success.

In hopes of keeping my mind busy and mood up - I began experimenting in the kitchen. I was a decent cook and people always loved my meals. However, I never knew myself to be a dessert maker - though I could make a hell of a cheesecake and tiramisu. So i began playing with tastes that were forged in my mind as a child.  After a few trials and errors, many hours on google university, and some more experiments I had hit some delightful success - I finally made a batch of 'Faloodeh shirazi' that my taste buds screamed with delight and I was taken back to my happy place as a child. This began my pleasant journey back in time - renewing all of my happy memories and awakening my taste buds. 

With each delightful success, I took pictures as they looked oh so appetizing and filled my need to post on Instagram and Facebook. What I began as something to occupy myself while I was job searching lead to my Nostalgia page which later would be my Nostalgia Cafe 9. 

We are still on the road of the discovery of reaching a destination all the while bringing happy tasteful delights to culture adventurists via catering or quick 'to go' treats. 

I hope you enjoy my Nostalgic treats. 


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